Boiler Servicing in Edingburgh

Servicing Team

Superwarm services offer an annual maintenance contract on your central heating system, boiler and associated controls. This provides a yearly service visit to service the boiler, and to ensure everything is working efficiently. The Minimum Contract term is for a period of one year. Additional appliances can be included within the contract.

All existing systems are welcome. We just have to visit and check everything is working and fitted to current codes of practice.

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Service Visit

All boiler manufacturers recommend their boiler should be serviced every year. They usually provide basic instructions as to what is required. This ensures the boiler is working at peak efficiency. We will visit at the start of the contract and annually thereafter to carry out this requirement. During this visit, the boiler will be serviced as per manufacturer's instructions.

Breakdown cover

We always endeavour to call out within 24 hours of being called, subject to engineer availability. Where this is not possible, the callout will take place as soon as possible. In general, we will prioritise calls where the customer has been left without central heating or hot water.

What is covered

  • Boiler and all its contents.
  • Flue System, where this is part of the boiler.
  • All Controls. Timer, thermostat, Motorized valves etc
  • Pump
  • Radiators and Valves
  • Central heating pipe work.
  • The costs of parts and labour for any of the above, should faults occur at any time during the period of contract.

What is not covered.

This is something that really gets me; companies want to offer a service then in your hour of need tell you it is not covered.

As you can see the only thing in our contract not covered is replacing your boiler.

Boiler can't be repaired

In exceptional circumstances there are times where boilers are deemed to be beyond economical repair. This can be due to age or parts being obsolete. In these circumstances Superwarm would provide a quotation for boiler replacement, if this is not suitable we would make payment of £500.00 towards the cost of you fitting a new boiler.

This is the Gold service contract all for £14.99 a month.

However we are now offering the platinum service. If you have a boiler installed by Superwarm Services we will service and maintain the boiler, radiators, pipe work and controls and valves. No small print we will cover it all and replace the boiler when the time comes be it 8-10 or 12 years time.

The boiler for life, you'll never have to replace a boiler again. All this for just £36.00 a month.

Check out for yourself what you are getting

Superwarm Services Platinum Service Superwarm Services Gold Service AA Home Emergency Response British Gas Homecare 200 Homeserve
Boiler service included Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Repairs to boiler, controls, pipe work & radiators Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Excess for each repair £0 £0 £0 £0 £50
If boiler beyond economical repair Yes when required will be replaced £500 cost towards new boiler If boiler less than 7 years £500 if boiler over 7 years £250 Replacement if less than 7 years if original was installed by British Gas £200 towards cost of new boiler
Valves & pump Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sludge & blocked pipe work Yes Yes No No No
Monthly Cost £36.00 £14.99 £18.99 £17.00 £15.07

All major credit cards accepted.